Established as a mirror and glass company by the Mroues family in the 70 s in Ivory Coast, Mromir was a big success. It closed its door in the late 90s for some family reasons.

“To honor my dad MROMIR was brought back with a new concept in a new country, Lebanon. “

It is now related to one of the fastest growing industry – design, fashion and beauty. Mromir Incorporation started in 2016 as an Interior Architecture company with many projects between Lebanon and Africa. Later on it entered the world of beauty with an organic skincare brand, Roots natural beauty. Moving on to fashion industry with Mami Wata Studio and Interior design with Mromir Studio mainly related to product / furniture design.

Mromir brings to all genders unique designs with affordable prices. Our goal is to take you to your dream place, satisfy your taste and make you feel better in your own skin.

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